Lossed Rank

ChrisChrisDaDonChrisChrisDaDon Posts: 1Player
So in the middle of me playing the game on PS4, my ranked dropped to private and won’t go back to my original rank. I unstalled reinstalled still the same PVT E-1, even reset my router and restarted my PS4 same thing. I was a SFC-V finna be MSG-1. Also all my scopes are gone and my weapons challenges resetted. I really need help getting this resolved because I worked hard to get to where im at, and did a lot of weapon challenges. Also in the main menu it not loading my profile like it spinning circle but won’t load. Please help me get my rank back and scopes with everything. I’m really lost for words on what’s going on. Much help Appreciated.


  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    sounds like a communication error with the server, you've already done what I would suggest.
    So we will need to wait for someone that can help with PS4
  • LWOF_BrOkenArrowLWOF_BrOkenArrow Posts: 378Player
    Do you still posses your actual rank when you look at your profile online?
    Army SROTC Cadet

  • Blood_Wolf_04Blood_Wolf_04 Posts: 23Player
    Either the servers messed up somehow or you have been banned my homie.
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