Enemy sound issue.

x[BoW]x|WORMx[BoW]x|WORM Posts: 7Player
About 2 weeks ago the enemy sounds on my game got quieter (footsteps, pins,ect.). We couldn't fix it in the sound settings, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it fixed it. It happened 3 more times since but this last time the reinstall did not fix it, I even reinstalled Windows. Any ideas?

My sounds are all the same but the enemies are much quieter.


  • {!T!}LordDamian{!T!}LordDamian Posts: 713Player
    Why would you reinstall windows for a sound issue with this game?..
    Oh PS: Pins sounds aka Silent Nades, it's an exploit not a bug.
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 995Moderator
    Oh PS: Pins sounds aka Silent Nades, it's an exploit not a bug.
    If you know howto, send a pm to anyone on staff or submit a bug report: https://www.americasarmy.com/support/bug

    (silent nade is a feature, just switch to tactical and you wont yell "frag out", i dont know if the pin sound is affected by this tho)
  • x[BoW]x|WORMx[BoW]x|WORM Posts: 7Player
    The enemies sounds are quiet, not mine. So my team sounds are loud as [TOS Violation], but I can't hear the enemy unless they're right next to me.
  • x[BoW]x|WORMx[BoW]x|WORM Posts: 7Player
    Just figured something out, enemy sounds work just fine on most custom maps.
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