A Few Questions About How ACI Works

I've been banned many times for a linked banned account that I don't own, so I've been wondering a few things that'd pretty much be make or break when getting an appeal. Does ACI allow the server owner to review recent activity on the accounts in question? Because me and the owner of the banned account live very far away from each other now and I'm certain that we've been on Steam at the exact same time, in very different places. And, if ACI does show all this, how should I go about explaining this to a server admin? Should I just forget about it and play on different servers?

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    Questions like this should be asked in our forum, not here.


    Your course of action would be to ask the server owner to request a background check on your account. In your case, someone has already done this and I have expedited the result.
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    Only reason I asked here is because I’ve never had a problem with other games that use ACI or PunkBuster, and was mostly wondering about specifics for this game. I know nothing about ACI and I just guessed that things were different across games, based on the fact that this game is the only one where I’ve been having problems. Also I would hope that a background check was not already done, because that’d mean I was just plain falsely banned.

    I’m mostly asking these questions to people who have experience running servers on this game in particular. Specifically the question “Should I just forget about it and play on different servers?” Because admins know better than me whether it’s worth filing an appeal or whether it’d just get shut down immediately.
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    no one here can help, ACI maintains and manages banlists for their members. Please go there as suggested by soldier
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