frag, and flahs

MewtwoMewtwo Posts: 308Player
just know at my frag will not go off at the time and when i do it the frag will not explod and the enime can run from that to??flahs when i do it they can still kill me and they piont the gun right at me not somewher in the wall or floor or roof is this a bug or is that just the game??


  • Blood_Wolf_04Blood_Wolf_04 Posts: 23Player
    It would help us understand if you would type words that we can understand.
  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    Grenade timing has been bugged, several times. However because it’s not repeatable, that is everyone cannot follow the same steps and get the same results, it’s still a work in progress.
    Flashes are a known item and there is no need for a fix. Not everyone gets flashed to the same degree. The same items that block a grenade blast will block a flash. I’ve had flashes go off right in front of me and nothing happens to my vision. Other times it’s just a brief lightening of my screen and I can see the OPFOR the whole time. Only if you see them hold there arm up across their face for a long period can you be sure they were completely flashed.
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