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Hi All,

Wil there be a Linux version just as we had back in 2.5? With the release of Steam OS, many big titles are coming to Linux, so AA would be an excellent addition.


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    Linux isnt dead already? 
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    Linux isnt dead already? 

    I don't think so. ;) I'm using it every day, it's getting updates... it is 100% alive. (I'm using Ubuntu BTW.)

    This is still on our to do list, along with Mac versions. We need to get the Windows version finished before we start working on all of that though!  (by DevTots)
    So Linux version is a possibility, but it comes later if it comes.
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    I would love to be able to play AAPG on Ubuntu without Windows virtual machine etc all that jazz.
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    Hello Guys,

    I tried to install AA:PG in wine, but the launcher with its dependency to new versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Players was a barrier I did not breaked through. Maybe the drop of the launcher will open this barrierer, until we hopefully get a native version.

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    Greetings from Germany. General.Jung.

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