Launcher won't start

Abraham1Abraham1 Posts: 4Player

I have a problem with launching the game. It played just fine a couple of months ago and I got some 100 hours on it without an issue. I reinstalled it last night and now I can't seem to start it; when I click play on Steam I get the AA's logo, the game window opens as if it is about to launch, but all I get is a white screen that then disappears after some 2 or 3 seconds without an error message. Since there is no message I am not really sure what to do next, I already tried reinstalling the game, restarting the PC and Steam with no result.


  • SeVn.MaxSeVn.Max Posts: 234Player
    Happened to me too. I uninstalled the game and installed again to resolve.
  • Abraham1Abraham1 Posts: 4Player
    Tried it again, still doesn't work.
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 169Player
    Try to start it up from the .exe in the folder Otherwise verify the intergrity of the aapg files, if you do so remember to let the game install punkbuster again.
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    Did you upgrade to W10?
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • -Ner0--Ner0- Posts: 1,573Player
    Try delete America's Army Proving Grounds folder from Documents.
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  • Abraham1Abraham1 Posts: 4Player
    I've already tried everything you suggested with no result, running the .exe from the folder, running it as admin, deinstalling and installing different folders and checking game integrity. The last time I successfully ran the game was on W10. In the meantime I had them reinstalled, so probably that is the issue, however I installed the exact same version on the same computer.
  • Abraham1Abraham1 Posts: 4Player
    In the meantime I disabled my firewall completely and there is no antivirus running. When I launch the game I get this screen which then opens a game window which is all white for about 2 seconds after which it just disappears. I really can't give out any more info since it disappears without any messages. If there are any logs I can give you, tell me where I can find them and I'll past them here.
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  • [!ReDRuM!]DAMIAN[!ReDRuM!]DAMIAN Posts: 781Player
    Make sure everything is updated, Windows, GPU Driver, .NET and have DX9 installed.
  • RZIntegraRZIntegra Posts: 46Player
    Have you check to see if it's running but minimized? Also if you run the task manager after you start the game is it showing under programs running?
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