So, how 'bout them private servers?

Trevah92Trevah92 Posts: 7Player
Any word on whether or not that's still going to be a thing? I love this game but anymore I have to force myself to play it. It gets tiresome having people who don't communicate, especially when they have mics. Or when you are having a great match only to have some random teammate start shooting you because their either get upset your doing better or just because they think it's funny. If there was some kind of competitive aspect to this game it would be so much better, Imo.


  • cruzin126cruzin126 Posts: 1Player
    I agree. The number of unskilled players in this game ruins the fun of the game. It is quite discouraging when half my teammates go many times negative 10 and worse. I would love to have the option to play with only people who have a high K/D as that would weed out all of the people who simply do not know how to play a first person shooter that requires tactical play.

    It would also be very beneficial to be able to vote to kick certain people who throw flash bangs at their teammates and take the flag or bomb and then proceed to climb a ladder and camp on a roof with a sniper rifle.
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