Official EU server serious lag

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Hi Guys,

I have been playing from time to time on EU official servers lately, and the game experience is very bad in overall. The latency is overall good (30-50 ping for me), but the server have up to 2-3 seconds of "freeze" in about every round, regardless how many players are on it.

(last time I played CDG13 server, but iirc, the other are affected as well.)

Especially that most new players prefer to play official servers, please consider fixing this issue, as this is quite deterrent for any newcomer.



  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 121Player
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    Cd12go has been a mess lately. I wanted to play some more before sleeping, but spectacting for 2 min and in that time multiple freezes occurred. No fun..
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 121Player
    Still all GO servers are affected, lag and teleporting players. Please look into this.
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 121Player
    Even worse than before today.
  • -=Gorilla=--=Gorilla=- Posts: 528Beta Tester
    Confirmed, massive lag spikes every 30-60 sec.
  • Z0naGaming_Z0naGaming_ Posts: 413Player
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    Well we got to deal with it, its been for almost 2 months now that it laggs. At least that I know of, and looking on how things go I've the feeling the devs are very inactive at this point.
  • -=Gorilla=--=Gorilla=- Posts: 528Beta Tester
    The server was restarted yesterday CD12 GO. Please report server issues here.
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 121Player
    A restart, good to hear!
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