Being Banned from Servers~

Why is it that people in this game cannot take being worst than another player? I've played FPS Games for a very long time and i've never had issues like i do on this one. i get kicked and banned from almost any server I play on due to Hackusations. Its rediculous. One guy told me i have a "Linked Hacking Account" So, can someone maybe explain how that is? I've NEVER cheated on AAPG. Not even once.. This is the reason i had quit playing about a year ago, its hard to even find a server to play on where i wont be getting kicked.. All these Noobs just get mad because they're terrible.
Show me proof where I have cheated.


  • }{Gorilla}{}{Gorilla}{ Posts: 677Administrator
    This is not the place for this. Take it up with the server owners or clans that are banning you.
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 998Moderator
    If you want to know how linked accounts work, check out ACI, if you want to dispute a ban, do like Gorilla say, take it to the server owner.
    Not that much to discuss here really.
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