is a recovery of AA 3.0 account possible

*O.G*Bl@storious*O.G*Bl@storious Posts: 3Player
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I remember my nick and i remember the email i used to register it with. Is it possible to recover the account? I know some people still play AA 3.0 for fun. It would be nice to run around some of the old maps.
playing AA 3.0
  1. would you play AA 3.0?13 votes
    1. Yes definitely
    2. No AAPG is the way to go
    3. No only 2.8 and below


  • Hey.I.Have.A.GunHey.I.Have.A.Gun Posts: 635Player
    Terrible poll. I would play anything but AA3.
  • }{Gorilla}{}{Gorilla}{ Posts: 670Administrator
    The early versions to AA3 were not my cup of tea for sure. However I do like how some of the maps played out.
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    We no longer support AA3 at all. Only the AA:PG system is maintained currently.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • *O.G*Bl@storious*O.G*Bl@storious Posts: 3Player
    i'm not bothered anymore, it's so disappointing how the community has turned out. I'll rather stay on AAPG.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,546Beta Tester
    Since AA3 players are not AUTH'ed anymore, you can just create an account name and play. That's what I did. There are precious few servers, but you can also run your own server and have your buddies play. I also did that, and it works.

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  • orl_czorl_cz Posts: 1Player
    You can still play AA 2. But there are not to many players.
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