Bring back m9 finger gun please

bushwickyg11221bushwickyg11221 Posts: 1Player
I know alot of people were pissed but i really enjoyed it wish i knew about it earlier i had fun with it they should bring it back for one week everymonth lol whos with me
M9 finger gun for 1 week every month
  1. M9 finger gun for 1 week every month10 votes
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    2. Nay


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,066Moderator
    Its a easteregg for a special date, if it occurred ever so often it wouldnt be special.
  • drummerchick2003drummerchick2003 Posts: 1Player
    We like the fing gun
  • Chuck-Norris-IIChuck-Norris-II Posts: 2Player
    Once a Month will work for me. Maybe the 1st of the month every month would be great. I think The gamers would love this even once a month. Especially if you actually put it on twitter and forums as a Event Announcement. Please give a try. Don't give up. Just have to make it known to players as a Event a little better. A lot of my friends missed out on this. A lot of my friends wish they had known you were going to do this event.

    Thanks, AA

  • BeardlessSumoBeardlessSumo Posts: 31Player
    Terrible idea.
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