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Benny_TheJet5190Benny_TheJet5190 Posts: 4Player
I've sent an email and made a post in support but haven't had a response. What's up with the in game chat party. You can hear some people and not others. Some people can hear you and some can't . It's very inconsistent , but when using a private chat party through PlayStation everything works fine. I've tried several different headphones same results. Also today I experienced a match where my whole squad could hear an enemies in game chat while in play . but he could not hear us. His red gamer tag was popping up as well. Thanks.


  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    Very strange. It's normal to not hear dead teammates if you are alive, but this sounds like much more than that. Will investigate.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • Benny_TheJet5190Benny_TheJet5190 Posts: 4Player
    Yes more than that, thank you !
  • Rogueagent01Rogueagent01 Posts: 10Player
    I've had similar issues, but the difference with mine is i also cannot use private party chat with this game. Within 1 round coms will flutter in and out and by the start of the second round i'll get the message "nat type 2 cannot communicate with players name".

    I've seen players pop in and out of global chat, I think that is what it is referred to, when there on the opposite team but you can hear them. The other issues where nobody can hear me or i can't hear them seems to happen when i was playing another game and then jumped onto this one. A quick system reset always resolves the issue though.
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