Can't choose a scope after unlocking it

RiceActualRiceActual Posts: 1Player
I've completed a challenge for M4 carbine and unlocked a scope, but I couldn't pick it in-game. How is that?


  • }{Gorilla}{}{Gorilla}{ Posts: 673Administrator
    Sometimes you just need to finish the match for registry to your account. Also make sure its the proper challenge that you unlocked.

    M4 Veteran
    250 M4 Kills
    10 Hawkeyes with the M4
    1 High Speed with the M4
    'Worn' weapon skin
    Holosight optic (unlocks for all available weapons)
    500 Experience Points
    Unlocks M4 Expert Weapon Challenge

    If you did complete this and it shows that your on the next challenge then make sure your selecting the Rifleman or Automatic Rifleman classes. Holo should be selectable threw the sights.

    However if it did not save the completion of the weapon challenge, then do the challenge again but stay till the end of the game. Once it switches maps it should have registered by then.

    This was a bug that used to happen every so often to the odd player. I also had this happen once. But to my knowing this has been fixed. However bugs have resurfaced before and if this is the case then please let us know so we can bug this to get fixed.

    I hope this helps. GGs
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