any active discord chats for competitive AAPG. NA

Zerx_MercsZerx_Mercs Posts: 4Player
Send me the link to a discord chat that is active for AAPG!


  • CorrektdCorrektd Posts: 61Player
    There isn't any...
  • ddra-ddra- Posts: 454Player
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    Hey Zerx I saw you've joined our Discord. There's a few that pop in to play AAPG some evenings, including myself. You won't really find many AAPG Discords to begin with, less so for mainly competitive. Stick around and i'm sure you'll run into a few others.

    EDIT: Just noticed you're a PS4 player, in that case you likely won't find many on our Discord as we are mostly PC. I could create you a channel if you wish, we're looking to grow the Discord to all AAPG players.
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  • Zerx_MercsZerx_Mercs Posts: 4Player
    Alright well that's a shame. would've been awesome to have a eSports scene or some type of active league in this game. I'm still going to play but my main focus will be on R6. Thanks guys. if anyone wants to dominate some lobbies as a team on AAPG lmk! always looking forward to it
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