clan tags

LandwarriorLandwarrior Posts: 2Player
can anyone help me as i would like to put my clan tags to appear in game, like in AA 2,8
is it possible. thanks


  • {RR}Mr.Mojo.Risin{RR}Mr.Mojo.Risin Posts: 18Player
    edited May 2018
    login here
    Go right top your name
    A popup will show
    Click on my account
    There you can add Clantag in your name ( change soldiername )
  • USS__UnratedUSS__Unrated Posts: 2Player
    Dos this show in the game.. such as for the PS4 though?
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 995Moderator
    Theres no clan tag system, you just change your name to include the "tag"
    (how name change works on PS4 i have no idea)
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