Punkbuster kicking me for Violation MultiHack #71529 message

Not sure whats going on, however I receive the following message and get kicked when trying to get on the official AA server. I have been on these servers for a couple of years now, this has only started started to occur 2 days ago.

Kicked Punkbuster kicked player (my username) for 2 minutes violation [Multihack] #71529. I have reinstalled Punkbuster, repaired my AA game file via Steam. I am not sure what has happened. Any advice>


  • {!T!}LordDamian{!T!}LordDamian Posts: 713Player
    Maybe you should not use illegal software, case closed.

    Recommend Dev/Mod closing this topic and suspend users account from playing.
  • manny357manny357 Posts: 9Player
    You are pretty quick to jump to conclusions.I don't use illegal software. I came to this forum for assistance, and you accuse me of wrong doing. Pretty sad
  • {!T!}LordDamian{!T!}LordDamian Posts: 713Player
    #71529 is linked to multiple known hacks, so yes.. The conclusion is simple for us.
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    That means PunkBuster has found specific code running that it has marked in their database as a known cheat. There is a possibility they're wrong, but you'll need to speak with them directly to work it out.

    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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