Getting harder to play when you get banned most places

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Hi guys.

Will start with saying this has been some fun 15 years in the game. Met lots of great people, some just genually kind, and some challenging ingame.
Unfortunatly there are allways people who do not like loosing, or do not like a challenge, some of these also has their adminrights and private servers.

As I get more bans on my profile it gets harder for me to play these days, which is sad, as I really enjoyed the game.

Not many options are left for me now, I can choose to play only on a limited choice of servers being in the EU.

*I do get to play on some eastcoast servers where my ping gets just below 150, 150 usually being the limit.

*I can play on the official servers, in my opinion not very well moderated, and hackers often tend to join these servers as they often never have active admins verifying screenshots and 3rd party bans

*Or I can stay in my own server or some other empty EU server that does not belong to any known clan with active admins for hours until someone joins just to leave,

Server admins have had to much freedom just banning players that are better, skillboosting/pointboosting for themselves with no competition at all. these admins and players do not get my respect.

That said, they pay for their own server and offcourse can do what they want with it.

The downside:
Our community looses lots of great players who have been loyal to the game almost since the start.



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    You must respect the rights of other players and their rights to play and enjoy America's Army.

    To bad this doesn't apply to private servers, even though it should have been. If you ask me, the Devs should make it that any server that use the authorized license have AAPG's TOS applied to it. Enough with the "They pay, their rules" bull. They still use a license owned by the Army Studio, and that license should be removed from their servers as soon admins deny services to players of their game.

    360+ players left, and dropping like a rock mainly because of this issue.
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    I couldnt agree more.
    As in using the licence of the game, sure they can still have their own rules and practices, but the actions of their admins should follow a guidline.

    Now I can make my own server, play there and kick or ban any good player that joins so I can kill all the new players alone. That itself is not fair.

    If admins do kick or ban, they should have real reasons of doing so. And not just; we dont like you couse you are better than us, or you are to good to be clean.

    Proof of cheat or proof of macro whatever. If not, the ban should be possible to appeal.

    Sure, if you go on a server and dont regards their rules or do direspect or cheat, then you desverve a kick or a ban depending on what you did, but it should be registered what you did and forwarded to "americas army" with proof.

    Thos is also why I like 3rd party anticheat communities. But they cant deny a server owner to do what he wants either.

    Main point is that some/many admins abuse their powers and ruin the game for their own benefits. Makes the game unfair and unprofessional
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    Preach Probe.

    This isn't AA2 with an endless amount of servers. There's a very limited amount of places I play. Also hurts that 90% of the servers have silly rules that forbid the use of the space bar.
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    Yeah the Space bar rule!!!!! we all Love it
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    I am sorry to hear that your having such a difficult time. It seems that the PC community is suffering and I don't mean for just the AA series. A lot of gamers have turned to console and buy cheap used secondary consoles to run their own servers or use Xbox from PC to host. I think this is partly the reason why The AA series was taken to PS4. I personally don't have PS4 and have never been a fan however I do know that the player base is 10x if not more on PS.

    My only advise is what you might have done already. Do to the server owners and appeal. If they deny then you can ask them to provide you with evidence of you so elegit Hacking so that you may defend yourself. You can also argue the facts about ping delay in a game and how a persons video recording does not actually rec the real match and that they might be putting to much faith in it. I personally use the Demorec system because I find it is the most accurate recording. After all it is data that is being recorded from the server it self. Not to say it is always right however but I trust it over anyone sending me a vid or some uploaded youtube vid.

    You can of coarse host your own server. I understand being the EU makes it harder to get more players to play with but have to thought about hosting a server that would make your ping under 200 and others what they call good ping (U.S.A,/ Canada) From there you might be able to fill your server and not have to worry about penalty from a server owner not understanding the game or putting the blame on your ping and so forth.
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    Yeh, have my own server as well, and no appealing wont help this time, these guys do not have videos, ss's or anything for that matter.
    All they have is their saying that they dont like me playing with them. Mainly becaus I shoot them to often
  • Yeh, have my own server as well, and no appealing wont help this time, these guys do not have videos, ss's or anything for that matter. All they have is their saying that they dont like me playing with them. Mainly becaus I shoot them to often

    I know the feeling bro, it's terrible the way most admins are. Even if you are clean, they will always find a reason to ban. Like me the other day, they wanted to ban me because of "linked IP's" saying I've multiple steam accounts with VAC's on and multiple banned GUID's on different games. They made me laugh so hard that they probably banned me for my horrible laugh :lol:
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    :( feel you there
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    Daym right !
    Exactly, since I just have 150 hours in the game and am kinda a rookie, whenever I get lucky and start getting too many kills people (admins i guess) start kinda harrassing me and threatening me with ban. I have never been banned after such incident but I am always afraid of getting banned. And I don't know who's hacking or who's not either cuz admins can do whatever they wanna do. I get that it's their right to do it and i sadly can't do anything about it but saying that it sucks..
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    Atleast there are still some that go the lenght to try and keep the game fun for everyone. I know our server has some rules not all of you agree on, as in: no jump/shoot, no macros, no hacks, behave and respect one and other etc

    If you are disrespectfull against anyone, you will be kicked after warnings

    If we catch hackers, sometimes we let em play alittle, but its still resulting in a ban. Either trough using the Americas Army team to help us out or other 3rd party communities.

    But afterall, we are trying to run a Fun server and meet up for laughs and just enjoy and just play the game.

    Unfortunatly yes, there are a few hackers, and some admins on some servers dont really know what to look for and could ban honest players, no questions asked, just like that. Maybe only because they dont like that you shoot em to much

    I even had players that knew me for 13 years give me permanent ban on their servers for no real reasons.
    But im still trying to see myselfe what im gonna say now: there are still great servers out there that will not kick or ban you just for being a good player. Hopefully it will stay like that for a while, or even get better after a bit. Just have hope, explore new servers, get to know the players and admins there, see what they are about and maybe even join their team if you enjoy their company and humor, that is probably what will keep the PC version alive longer, bond with a team, learn new tactics, improve your gameplay and get to meet many great players online that you can have fun playing together with.
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    Yes, in fact the community is the best out there imo but since the game itself is ineffective when it comes to the hack detection etc. people, especially admins get overly sensitive about it which increases the risk of undue banning. And if you [TOS Violation] them off just by doing anything you're just adding to that risk. Anyways, your point explains it all. We all are here to have some fun and play a fair and joyful game. As long as we all focus on that and listen to each other and try to resolve these issues wisely and objectively then maybe we can accurately seperate hackers and honest players.
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    edit: I never seen badmin in this game.


    AA2 2005 - 2015
    AA:PG 2015-
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    not completely correct that list....get kicked for nothing at least from one server on that list
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    I to have been banned by these "badmins". Once for shooting an admin before he could knife someone and the other for getting a lucky headshot...

    Some severs are run by multiple admins and sometimes an angry admin will ban for no reason in hopes none of the other admins will notice with no consequences for their actions.

    Of course admins that pay for their server have the right to ban anyone they want, but if they keep banning players for no real reason their basically killing off their server by limiting the number of players that can join their server, especially on a low player base like on AA:PG.
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    OK I can make a list, I know that some of these servers have strict rules and some of you guys might have been banned or kicked from some of them allready.
    Anyways, these are Servers that I can still enjoy and have fun on.
    And this list is only for me as a player, not necessarily correct for everyone, also given that many already know me as a player for many years, and some actually do respect that friendship more than others:

    SD Clan
    Misfits Gamer
    H E L L Fun Server (TOS Violation due to clan name, Moderator should edit if needed)
    RR server
    |U|S|A| Server
    UK server
    ^CSP Server
    112 server
    CFC PAS servers

    Many of these are INNER only, and I'm tired of that map after so many years, but its still popular.
    Therefore I only go there a few times

    I know a few of these servers have banned friends of mine, even teammates, but will not go out with any Server/clan names, its aside my point.
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    SimonSaiz wrote: »
    not completely correct that list....get kicked for nothing at least from one server on that list

    One of them is actually where I got threatened.. i agree
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    Sgt.Cabbar wrote: »
    SimonSaiz wrote: »
    not completely correct that list....get kicked for nothing at least from one server on that list

    One of them is actually where I got threatened.. i agree

    I usually get threatened but those servers are not on my list. Simon was talking about another list that got removed i believe. But threatened on one on my list?

    Possible, everybody is only people, and offcourse some bad loosers are inevetible :)
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    Sorry prob3, also on your list
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    I know :) and I tought it would be, but for now this list applys for me until I get banned on more servers for no appearent reasons :)
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