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Hey all!

I've got everything set up to watch the DemoRec files on my computer, got the command config file all set and have been recording away. Got one other admin all set up with the exact same methodology that i use, the only difference is the hardware of the computer. On mine, i can play all the DemoRecs just fine, but on his, the game will begin to play the DemoRec, act like it is loading into it, then crash the game completely.

This will occasionally happen to mine as well with different DemoRecs, but is far and in between. Any thoughts? The last update we completely put in the files by hand again to try and restart new, and nothing happened to resolve this.


  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    I have seen this many times. So far from what I can tell it might have something to do with a players GC or lack or ram. I have been on others PC using TeamViewer to find an issue. I think 1 time the path was wrong. Another couple times all the player has to do was go to reload the game a 2nd time right away. Another time the guy was not renaming the Demo and was putting in a typing error. Another player had to change his OP S performance and make a few other adjustments to speed thing up on his OP S. There was also a couple guys where we could just not figure it out.

    Send him my way Code and tell him to get T/V and I will be happy to look to see if we can figure something out.
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,518Player
    Is the recording your trying to watch a umm ? Do you join server and then put command in or do you do it from menu screen ?
  • x[BoW]x|CodeGreenx[BoW]x|CodeGreen Posts: 5Player
    Hey Delton, sorry for the late reply been busy. Im starting to have this issue now as well. Both of us are trying to play a .demo file, and we do it from the main menu screen.
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    Is it a demo from an older version of the game? You can't play old Demos after most updates.
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