Starting Server with Command line

Hello all.

Where do I create an auth account for the command line starting of a server?

I found this in another post,

server FLO_InnerHospital_VIP /GLOBAL /AuthServerUserName=lpgs173.208.164.82 /AuthServerPassword=honorserver /AuthServerIP= /STEAMSERVERIP= MULTIHOME= /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR /CONFIGSUBDIR=AAHostAServerConfig0

But that doesn't work.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 157Beta Tester
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    Authentication is no longer required to start a server. This was eliminated at the end of last year.

    The rest of your commandline looks fine.

    I'd assume it's a problem with your firewall and the ports or if you are behind a router, port forwarding.


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