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Hey guys i've noticed there's a handful of discord servers by the 911 crew, 12oz, GOD, and a few others that are made up of just a few isolated AAPG players. In an effort to bring more people to play together, maybe get some pugs going, and just meet new and old AAPG players, we'll be opening up our Discord to anyone or any team/group who wishes to have a place to hang out.

I'll be happy to grant admin privileges to group leaders/individuals, and add voice and chat channels as needed. Why have dozens of tiny team discords when we can have a large, well organized one? We also have a bot that allows for music playing, memes, and automated commands to keep everything running smoothly.


We've been around for a while as most of you know, and plan on continuing to keep this server active and maintained for a long time. Feel free to message me with any questions or comments.

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    That's nice :+1: I'm surprised the Devs haven't made an official Discord yet..
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    I don't like when people change their nick. ;)
    Can't we have a "Nick History" like Steam?
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    I dont like discord audio is horrible. Teamspeak still sounds great if you know to tweak it. Ours is GWYD.com no port needed. Connects you right to us. Its also an open teamspeak. Discord has some toys but it uses way to much bandwidth. To get quality sound in discord 96kb, where ts is still 32kb and sounds great.
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    I should also say that everyone may speak as they please, no censorship here. Also, there' no ego involved in this, all small and large teams welcome. Just message me and we'll get channels set up. We already have a decent user base, so no need to build from the ground up.
    I dont like discord audio is horrible...

    We're using the platform most users prefer. The audio has been more than adequate for us. TS was great while it lasted, but people vastly prefer Discord's many features now days.
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