Europe! Let's Fight

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EU Community, gather your team and prepare for battle.

Have you heard of AAGL? Check out !

Listen up! There is a live countdown for the inaugural iteration of AAGL happening NOW at Check out some preview screenshots and the countdown timer! Come out in force and support the European competitive community; sign your squad up and then CRUSH the opposition as you fight for your chance at glory!

AAGL is a brand new competitive league ran 100% by AAPG players. Zero outside interference from someone trying to make a name for themselves or their brand. A home-grown product for home-grown players, with only AAPG on their hearts and mind.

Keep an eye on as we approach the launch date, and show your support to Nevex as he completes his project and launches competition...projected to start in May 2018.

Du spreche kein englisch? No habla ingles? Alles gut, kein problem! European AAPG is a unique, multi-cultural community. All are welcome. Gather your teammates and prepare for war.

Stay tuned!



  • SimonSaizSimonSaiz Posts: 33Player
    nice to see! Good luck
  • -SD-DELTON-SD-DELTON Posts: 1,224Player
    Looking good =)
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  • -pR|Arkeiro-pR|Arkeiro Posts: 628Player
    It is looking promising, I wish the best luck on it and will keep an eye for it. To bad the game is in the current state - it might be to late for something like this.

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    M870 - W00T!!!

    1 to go xD
  • -pR|speT.-pR|speT. Posts: 58Player
    Good job guys!! Wish you all the luck.
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