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I'm curious if the spectate view can be changed a bit for the future.
As most use the punkbuster screenshots to catch players, there is a lot of time wasted on screenshots made by a spectator viewing another player, and all players get the colored shadows.

If I would spectate you while you played, punkbuster still makes a picture of my screen, with my name while spectating you. and with all the player shadows red and yellow lighting up some do get confused by these and even ban players for that reason as it could be mistaked for a wallhack by an untraied eye.

What I'm asking is:
While spectating, could it be added a text around the middlescreen that "you are spectating" ?
This way a screenshot by punkbuster should catch that and ppl would stop wasting time on these screenshots. And innocent players could continue to play and enjoy the game.
(I know this includes different opinions and also different 3rd partys that use these screenshot for anti cheating causes.
But I also believe everyone would benefit from it if it could be added.

thank you!


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
    Quite frankly, I'd like to see a build go out with very limited spectator functions to address the 'second account in spectate' bug....

    Also, what would stop a cheater from putting "Spectating" across their own screen? An easy spoof I'm afraid. :(

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    then as a downed player you could see the scoreboard, alpha/bravo (maybe who's alive or not (server side setting) and only be able to talk with other downed players, as a lounge.

    Rounds aint that long and it should not be a problem :) but again, all that needs to be done for the spectate hack/wall hack is to turn off the xray view option. then it should be completely removed, or not?
  • OrmirOrmir Posts: 6Player
    This view should be removed. It is an invitation to use a second account. Not to mention entering this into the game code.
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,518Player
    You can set this on your server .
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    This is an issue that is going on for a while, when I presented it to the Devs I've never received a reply so I took the matter in own hands two years ago and worked with PBBans to get those false bans removed. Which we did and we removed 12 bans from the MBL.

    To clear the names of those players that were victims of it, are the ones from Nov 12.

    I've also send all the data of that "tool" to EvenBalance and as far as I'm aware they've made it detectable so server admins can breathe a little more and have less to worry about it.

    Even so, it's a smart idea for server admins to disable it (like DELTON said) and you can also disable it as a player in your Misc Settings. Of course there are some new "tools" that uses the same method but they are very rare.

    For server admins that don't know how to spot them, players using those "tools" are very easy to spot. There is a difference between legitimate spectators view and those provided by those "tools", the once that the game gives the players are normal colors with out effects. The once that you see from players that use those "tools" are red with a glow around it or red and yellow in one body where red means behind cover and yellow means parts that can be hit.

    Also, there is a text with spectating player in the screen.. If I remember it will show by pressing F4 or Ctrl-F4. It's something you need to try, haven't played the game for a while.
  • -=HELL=-Pr0b3-=HELL=-Pr0b3 Posts: 106Player
    It is easy to see the difference most times, but its just wasting time for anyone who post ss of spectators thinking its wallhacks, also wasted time for the communities that do have to work trough all these ss's :)
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