PS4 Clans?

RobinSageRobinSage Posts: 12Player
I’m just wondering if there are any clans out there on PS4 that care about the game and play for the objective (most of the time)


  • qRuXxqRuXx Posts: 14Player
    Hey Robin, I'm starting a team and looking for people to tryout, hmu @ qruxx on psn and let's play some pubs
  • ghostthatshighghostthatshigh Posts: 50Player
    If you guys want join the forum community I made on psn. I'm hoping to get more forum members and there friends so we can set up some competition and also teamwork which lacks in random rooms . Check it out on the psn communities America's army forum and request a invite I'll accept . Once we get the update and if the party system is fixed we could eventually set up team vs teams . Be good to have people discuss some ideas on there as well.
  • RobinSageRobinSage Posts: 12Player
    Ghost what is it
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