Movement speed and lag on PC

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I am running AA4 on an older desktop Core i5-750, AMD Radeon 7870 HD graphics. I built this PC in 2010, and updated the graphics card in 2014.

Recently, I bumped the RAM in my computer from 8GB DDR3-1333 to 16GB DDR3-2133 (not it should not matter) since my motherboard caps at 1666Mhz. Also enabled the Intel's XMP memory profile.

However, since the install, I noticed that my player runs a wee bit faster, and when hit I continue bleeding to death inspite of hitting "G", and the game lags a lot. My kills to death ratios are as bad as ever and probably getting worse.

Anyone experienced this issue. Or have a solution.


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    For things like healing, you might want to set the key to a different hotkey to see if that helps with the healing issue. As for the lag I am not sure why. There are many reasons that could cause this issue. I can offer to take a look at your PC to see if we can narrow down a solution if you are interested however I am not online much but feel free to add me on steam and I will be more then happy to look at it. Steam name is -=MvC=Gorilla. Unless someone can figure it out before that lol. It might even just been time for a new GC. I don't really see how changing the ram could make the game run worse.
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    Figured it out. BufferBloat on my router. I had to tweak the router cache to make sure that lag was not an issue. Access ( and did the speed test there.

    The weird thing was I was moving so fast, and able to get to key choke points or initial kills faster than others. The downside, was I was getting hit and killed without a chance to react or see where it was coming from. Also, medic/bandage ability was a zero. I could heal but bleed out regardless.
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    "GoA wrote:
    z!o[N]cya[;59516"]check out the link in the 2nd quote:

    Thank you. This is super interesting. I did not overclock, but the XMP profile boosted the RAM speed from 1666 to 2133....
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