New Gaming Community plz Join

Hello everyone

My name is Max Christensen is 36 years old and is head of a gaming clan with 12 active members 11 Danish and one Swedish from 17 to 47 years called Scandinavian Vikings, We are a clean, cozy clan but also seriously gaming and we chose Scandinavian because we wanted members only from these countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden we have been around for just over 2 years. We are currently playing these 2 games: Warface and America's Army - Proving Grounds. But we have now decided to make a new concept that will be an international Gaming Community across all FPS / Third Person games as well as all countries as we have the desire to be as many as possible and can we be the most Danes in such a community would be great. We look forward to when we are players enough in the various games to set up events for common gaming online. In the various games there will be an Admin responsible for the game in question and to set up events. We have grouped this community on facebook: as well as we have also added a Discord Server to community: uU5fU3 and everyone whether you are in a clan or team or just yourself can join our community at least if you are 15+ years old. Both in the FB group and on Discord there is a set of rules that I would like you to read through. If this sounds interesting and you want to join a larger community, please visit the links above.


Max Christensen Alias ​​* (- ScV -) * V1P3R.
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