Host A Server Issue - Can't Global Internal Server

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Hey Hey!
I'm using the Host A Server tool in the AALauncher.exe
With multiple failed attempts, and some time, I luckily got my sever going.
The issue now, is trying to re-create the same success with other PCs.
Not sure if anyone has a known fix for this.
At the moment, we have the same setup:
  • Default .ini files
  • no UGC maps
  • all stock (new files)
  • Static IPs.
  • MultiHome Checked
  • Bond Server IP Checked
  • All AA Ports Opened
The command prompt first ends with:
pb has finished downloading PBNS.dat
and stays there.
After a couple reboots to the server,
it ends with:
Punkbuster Game Version: #####

Both PCs are showing same symptoms. Yet, different results.
1 global, the other, LAN only with Server Full message.
i7-6700k water 4.7
ASUS 6gb 1060
16gb Corsair DDR4


  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 29Beta Tester
    You might want to post the log file (redact any passwords).

    Could be one of several problems, the most dreaded being the MASS problem.

    In life, there is no respawn... why should there be in a game?
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