Server issue/Joining Server

dDizzle_GamingdDizzle_Gaming Posts: 17Player
Am I the only one having issues with joining ANY game? It will literally take me about 5 mins before it find me a game to join. Anyone else have an issue with this? Or is there a way to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!!


  • LetumOmnisLetumOmnis Posts: 12Player
    It's been getting worse for me. I sit in empty lobbies waiting to get in for quite some time. It's getting frustrating, and I'm a pretty patient person.
  • LetumOmnisLetumOmnis Posts: 12Player
    And since I posted last (6 min) I've been 145'd 3 times. I am not sure what is going on.
  • [SF]InsanityKillz[SF]InsanityKillz Posts: 8Player
    Normally the 145 is when ur trying to play the game an ur logged into the website...
  • AFlyingDookieAFlyingDookie Posts: 7Player
    SF is right, that error occurs when you're on both the website and game simultaneously.
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