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SuicideDrugSuicideDrug Posts: 32Player
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I truly believe this game would greatly benefit from a headshot indicator on the kill feed. Sometimes i die so fast i just don't know what happened. A headshot indicator would clarify so much.

To be fair, of all the things we ask for in the forums, this could be the easiest thing to implement.


  • FlatlanderFlatlander Posts: 620Player
    Isnt dying fast the best indicator for a headshot?
    AAPG is good!
  • theseer!^theseer!^ Posts: 52Player
    Im only gettin hsed then ...
  • Dct.F|LeventeDct.F|Levente Posts: 503Beta Tester
    Im only gettin hsed then ...

    Well, most players will go for your head... I only checked a few profiles from more experienced players on the forum, and about half of their kills are from headshots (of course these are not always 1-shot-headshots, but part of a burst). So when you die to gunfire, about half of the time it'll be a headshot what delivers the final blow.

    If I'm not mistaken, if someone gets hit in the head (including yourself), it yields a slightly different sound effect on the target. I'm not sure, however.
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  • DLD_MtBDLD_MtB Posts: 24Player
    I'd like a headshot indicator not because I need to know how I died (don't get shot and die) but because it'd be cool to know if I got a headshot in a lot of situations.
  • Delta709thDelta709th Posts: 5Player
    A head shot symbol of some sort would be great!!!
  • -Ner0--Ner0- Posts: 1,570Player
    I think there was an headshot indicator in closed beta in 2013, but I could be wrong.
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  • SuicideDrugSuicideDrug Posts: 32Player
    after i die, i wouldn't mind having a screen telling me where i was shot and how much health my opponent had. that would be the best.
  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 105Beta Tester
    I suspect this is what I really look like when I play...
    OICURMT!.jpg 376.5K

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  • frankoffrankof Posts: 995Moderator
    OICURMT! wrote: »
    I suspect this is what I really look like when I play...
    We all know who that is..............
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