Unstable random crashing

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I have just reinstalled this game after a few years not playing .I had completely forgotten why I uninstalled but soon got a reminder the game randomly crashes my whole computer completely not just to the desktop my computer restarts and this is the only game out of 100`s that has ever done this.I play other games that use much more power than this like gta5, battlefield 3 and 4, arma and so on none of them ever crashed my computer. I have looked at the logs of AAPG and they show no errors at all and I have also looked at the event manager system logs and they show an error writing the log because of the crash so I don`t get any info on the actual crash.
Before the game crashes it runs perfectly high fps no stuttering at all its a pleasure to play until it crashes.

My system is amd fx6100, gtx650ti 2gb,8gbram,windows10 pro but it did it in windows 8 pro too.


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    Graphics card or drivers issue.
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    Nope there is nothing wrong with my drivers or graphics card nothing else has ever crashed my computer its 100% stable and always has been.This is bad code and I cant believe it still exists after all this time.

    Edit : I tried several drivers just to check it does it with all of them including the latest.
    I would say this game is incompatible because of bad code with my gpu or cpu .
    Also other unreal engine games dont do this on my pc so its something AAPG Dev`s have done.

    I dont think I am going to get any answers Ive been waiting about 4 years for them will probably have to uninstall again because complete crashes can damage your pc .
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    Would we not all have the same problem if it was something the Dev`s have done. ?
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    Yes if you were running exactly the same hardware as me .And there are other comments in forum asking the same question so im not the only one.

    If it wasnt for the fact that nothing else does or has ever crashed my pc I would agree with you but as this is the only software that has ever done this and it dosnt do it on everyone pc it must be an incompatibility with my specific cpu or gpu or the architecture of my graphics card or motherboard .

    I asked these same questions a few years ago and never got a decent answer then either I guess the devs dont care when a bug effects so few people.

    They are silent now and were then kinda points to them knowing this problem exists and not wanting to deal with it.
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    Have you overclocked your GPU by any chance ?
  • ScullScull Posts: 4Player
    No not overclocked and 100% stable with everything else.
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