Black Belt Celebration

Fool_InjectedFool_Injected Posts: 9Player
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I received my black belt (1000 takedowns) and decided to celebrate by making this video. The video contains Spielberg level quality film editing and possibly the greatest musical composition to grace the fast high stakes world of your first YouTube video.

Yes this is the only reason I made the channel (Fool Injected Gaming) but if enough people like it I will make other videos. I also stream on twitch as foolinjected. I don't stream so much lately but, again, if enough people want to watch me act like a fool I will stream more often.


How many others have gotten the black belt in AAPG on PS4?


  • dDizzle_GamingdDizzle_Gaming Posts: 17Player
    That’s a pretty bad a$$ video bro! I got to know though, what’s your K/D with trying to get all of those takedowns? Congrats on the blackbelt though!!! I’m sure it wasn’t easy! Haha
  • Fool_InjectedFool_Injected Posts: 9Player
    Thank you! It's currently at 2.74 but it's going up steadily. I don't play too seriously though. I go crazy, say weird stuff, and just have fun.
  • dDizzle_GamingdDizzle_Gaming Posts: 17Player
    [TOS Violation] yeah! That’s what this game is all about! Good to see people are having fun with it! I have been a HUGE AA supporter for a while now. Been playing since 2005 back in the PC days! Lol. Keep it up!!
  • dacoster90dacoster90 Posts: 38Player
    Wait I want to check out your stats to see for myself. You don't have it linked?
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 614Moderator
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    dacoster90 wrote: »
    Wait I want to check out your stats to see for myself. You don't have it linked?

    click his name, then on his username
  • Fool_InjectedFool_Injected Posts: 9Player
    It should be. I can view it. 1207 takedowns and 23 takedown.
  • xOSCx--GooNz--xOSCx--GooNz-- Posts: 15Player
    Ive got it aswell. My friend has 4500 takedowns tho... And 28 takedowns in one game. Its an artistic style of play
  • Fool_InjectedFool_Injected Posts: 9Player
    4500!!! 28 in one match??!!! I must worship this person!
    And yes. It is quite beautiful. I particularly enjoy when I join a server and the enemy team is trash talking... That's when I know it's time to hunt!

    Is that 28 takedowns on PS4 as well?
  • xOSCx--GooNz--xOSCx--GooNz-- Posts: 15Player
    Yea we only play on ps4.. And my bad i was incorrect it wasnt 28 it was 27 takedowns but he got it twice.. My personal highest is 22 takedowns in one game. Its great man we go several games without shooting guns
  • xOSCxSwEeT24xOSCxSwEeT24 Posts: 7Player
    yeah that's me
  • ghostthatshighghostthatshigh Posts: 50Player
    Hahaha the first kill was awesome . Nice video !!!
  • SHANE523SHANE523 Posts: 69Player
    edited February 2018
    I am with DaCoster, I don't see any PS4 stats for these users. Not Linked
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