Looking for a clan. PS4

I'm looking for a clan that doesn't like losing, plays smart, and overall tries to win every round.. my win/loss ratio is 1.26 (I've gone 15-2 and still loss due to teammates with no mic or skill) and my neutralization/neutralized ratio is 1.89 (but lately I've been going 15-2, 13-3) as my team lately has been competent enough to live long enough to be my bait (inadvertently) - My PS4 GT is PipoonJay


  • Delta709thDelta709th Posts: 5Player
    Add me my kd is 1.40 and win to lose is 1.40 I play with a few other people as a team and we do pretty good! PSN name - Delta709th look me up
  • Imperfects_ThreeImperfects_Three Posts: 5Player
    Imperfects are looking for elite players only... Add Imperfects_Three to try out...
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