Earlier Punkbuster options for server owners (force screenshots)

Hello folks.

I know that earlier "for the server admins", we could force punkbuster to make screenshots of a certain individual. Then if suspicious we could make punkbuster make several screenshots of the individual in question.

Was this coded in Americas army or only on punkbuster itself?
Is it possible to do this still in AAPG?
And if not, will it be possible to get this option again if it was done trough development of the game?



  • -=MvC=-Gorilla-=MvC=-Gorilla Posts: 463Beta Tester
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    Webtool I think is what your looking for. It is in your server settings somewhere dep on your server provider.
  • -=HELL=-Pr0b3-=HELL=-Pr0b3 Posts: 20Player
    Good to know, ill try to find it there and post back with results :)
  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 29Beta Tester
    the best way is to use PBUCON, as it's light-weight. command you are looking for is

    > pb_sv_getss <SLOT#>

    In life, there is no respawn... why should there be in a game?
  • -=HELL=-Pr0b3-=HELL=-Pr0b3 Posts: 20Player
    Thanks allot! I will try that.

    Its mainly for forcing several ss of one player for whenever the suspicion is high and we don't want them to spend time on the server for to long :)

    Have had wallhackers on the server for up to 10 minutes before getting actual proof.
    Not that most of them are any good in any way, and easy to kill. With Wallhack they allways come to you :)
  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 30Player
    Since you are already streaming over at ACI you can use the LiveSecure Server Monitor in your control panel to force screenshots, as well as kick and ban players. If you request too many screenshots in a row PunkBuster will simply ignore the request.
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