Sound adjustment for players comming? It would be great if it did

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Been looking at the mute options.
As its possible to mute/unmute, also change volume on comms, will it be possible in the future for Americas army to also change the volume of certain players?

Some players are very loud, whilst some are very soft.
If there was an option or will come an option to adjust volume for every player., that would be a big +

Many probably use 3rd party Voice overs for clan talk, and many of these have this option to change volume on players, this option is used many times, instead of telling each player to turn up or down his microphone gain.

I dont like muting players unless they make general noise or want to keep it in an foreign language I would not understand. Therefore the volume option would come in handy and I bet many would agree.
If its a easy fix to add in a simple way or not, that I do not know



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    For individual players, it would be unlikely. That's a ton of UI and code work that is currently already slated for other projects / features.
    I will see if this is something we can look at in the more distant future.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Thank you :)

    Yes there is allot of fun stuff coming up, cant wait to test it all out when its ready :)
    You've all done a great job on the game so far, keep it up!

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    Interestingly, the game uses an actual embedded TS3 client for VoIP, but it's not really configurable currently.

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    It really is an awesome idea however.
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