AA 2.X was an adult game



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    I think the Steam platform has a lot to do with the failure of AAPG. Think back to AA1 and AA2 days. No Steam. Word of mouth, forums and gaming websites were the "advertising."

    Now it's easy for a f2p'er to find and download just about any game under the sun. That, and since the Army wont pony up for any advertising, we're stuck in the doldrums of Steam. For life.
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    In the AA1 and AA2 days it was "massive amounts of money spent on advertising" more than "word of mouth".
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    I keep telling my friends about it tho ;)
    They think it looks good, but unfortunatly they play other stuff.

    Would it maybe be possible to add a single player campaing, or coop without getting to much extra cost?
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    I know it'd probably be blasphemy for some, but I think a game similar to the original AA, but with a respawn system could work out great. You could use the ticket system and have attack/defend, attack/attack, and attack/defend with multiple play areas. The first two systems would grant more tickets to the attacking team each time they complete the objective. The other system would be time based. Similar to TF2's objective setup, but more realistic. Also respawns would have to be in waves rather than instant.

    Bring back squads which have their own unique roles, weapons, and abilities. Training for all of the different roles.. Have certain roles have interesting gadgets for attack or defense. Have a planning phase like R6 where teams can set up traps and defensive positions for their opponents.

    You could even add a sort of in game promotion system that you can upgrade your gear or something as you rack up more points throughout the game. Maybe a medic who patches up teammates a lot can unlock another tier which allows him to heal critically injured teammates and get extra reinforcements or maybe a tier which just allows him to heal quicker. Stuff like that.

    Maps would obviously have to be bigger than current AA maps, but I think it could work really well if done right.
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    Times have changed I think. Sounds like BF2, Whippy.... :(

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    I miss pipeline
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    Keebler750 wrote: »
    Times have changed I think. Sounds like BF2, Whippy.... :(

    Idk, just because there's respawn doesn't mean it's a bf rip-off. Respawn games existed long before BF. AA is supposed to be slightly slower paced, less arcadey, No vehicles, squads and such should be based on realistic gadgets and army functions (trying to include some of the Army's STEM focus), training is an AA throw back (gives people a glimpse into those roles and how the gadgets that the army uses work), maps and teams would be much smaller rather than the huge BF games.

    It's more of a mix of a bunch of different ideas that are out there right now with AA as the core. Don't forget that AAPG was originally going to be a respawn based game. You just have to be careful to make it more unique rather than people jumping into a game and immediately labeling it a *** clone. I remember with AAPG it was CoD and CS comparisons. Why play a game like that when they can just play CS/CoD. It's certainly something to keep in mind.

    As I said though, a lot of people could easily reject such a game (where's my pipeline!?). I certainly think it could be great if done right. You could always throw in a round based mode with old AA maps if you wanted to please those folks, but then that just divides your community and game focus.
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    Vago8080 wrote: »
    Even if they guy was horribly skilled. You could watch for a whole 10 minute match a clueless guy doing what he could/knew and congratulate him with a Nice Try at the end.

    Do we really miss this though? Hahahah, I do enjoy sportsmanship, but cannot stand watching clueless people doing nothing for 15min.
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