We need your help to fix parties

TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,188Developer
Hey everyone, Dev Tots here.

We are still trying to refine our party system and we need your input and experiences to help make that possible.

If you join up as a party and have any issues I want to hear about it.
  • How many people were in your party?
  • What was the ping of your members?
  • Did you join an in-progress game or start an all new game?
  • What region are you playing from (US/EU/ETC)
  • Any other details you may remember that stood out

The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.


  • F_ictionF_iction Posts: 1Player
    6 to 8 players
    North American players
    Almost always creates a new lobby of just players in the party and we wait for others to join in.
    Keeping the party on the same team seems to be very random. Sometimes it will be all 8 of us on the same team vs 5 randoms. Sometimes it will split the party 6 on one team and 2 on the other, even though the lobby is completely full.

    5 in a party seems to be about the perfect amount for keeping every one together, but it seems to throw us into a pre-existing game quite often. Many of which end up being 5v2 or 5v3
  • Crd86Crd86 Posts: 9Player
    Party's worked perfect for us tonight first time since patch
  • SiMpLiFiEDChAoSSiMpLiFiEDChAoS Posts: 12Player
    edited February 10
    • How many people were in your party?

      6 to 8 players.

    • What was the ping of your members?

      Varying from 40-150.

    • Did you join an in-progress game or start an all new game?

      90% of the time we get put in a game by ourselves, and either people join instantly or we play entire games with no one or one person on the other side, sometimes we're sitting and waiting for what seems like 20 minutes on the lobby screen while it does absolutely nothing.

    • What region are you playing from (US/EU/ETC)

      All party members are from North America.

    • Any other details you may remember that stood out

      The game still separates parties at times, had it happen a few times last night.

  • BeardlessSumoBeardlessSumo Posts: 19Player
    Can't play in party of 3 or more anymore since last update. Server crashes.....
  • WatahouzWatahouz Posts: 1Player
    We have 8 players in same state can only load 4 of us even splits us up. Can never finish full map. The server lags out
  • SHANE523SHANE523 Posts: 65Player
    edited February 13
    Last night we had 4 at one point and 5 later on. Once it went to 5, we couldn't even get in to a room without losing someone and it wasn't always the same player. What I mean by losing is that they didn't even load in to the server. The lobby host would back out and they would still back out with us but they sat at the searching screen.

    The 5 were in WI, MS, TN, TX and AZ.

    While this is important. I REALLY believe you need to look in to the server issues that are causing the rubber band issue. It happened again 2 times last night, 1 time when we had a party of 5 and I am pretty sure the other side had a party greater than 3.
  • xXSytherXxxXSytherXx Posts: 4Player
    The problem we are having is when we put 4 to 8 players in game lags out plus when we go to start game if will not find dedicated server just goes straight to p2p server
  • Toe_Tag_Toe_Tag_ Posts: 1Player
    4 party members.
    Ping is not displayed.
    When match is found we are on separate teams.
  • uscav19D20uscav19D20 Posts: 4Player
    I experience the exact same issues F_iction describes in the post and I play between 6-8 players in party.

    We are all North America
    45-80 ping

    Can be on a server and all 8 play together and next map load up we get split it is very aggravating for a game that emphasizes teamwork and communication.

    Some games are already in progress but most of the time we are waiting in the lobby for players to be found to play us.

    Lag has been better since last PS4 Patch
  • xOSCx--GooNz--xOSCx--GooNz-- Posts: 7Player
    Can we get some sort of an update or time frame on this issue. Its been 2 weeks of a almost unplayable game
  • Bournedead88-bouBournedead88-bou Posts: 5Player
    I have been playing since 11 am this morning cst and ive been having problems getting into matches no less than 10 min to get in.please let me know what can be done to fix the problem.
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