Idea: Medal/Badge Exp Bonus

(Just an Idea of Mine)

Game is fun, but it takes quite, awhile to level up in the game. Even though (as far as I know) ranking up yields no rewards except bragging rights, I'd like it if there were ways to boost the amount of experience points awarded after the completion of a battle.

Along with the victory and match completion xp bonuses (which I assume are already in-game), I'd like it if there were rewards/bonuses for the medals/badges earned so far in the game. By Medals/Badges I'm referring to the achievements which can be earned in game. Each one of these badges could give a slight bonus to experience points earned at the end of a match. Seeing how each one seems to have a varying level of difficulty, I'd say they'd all reward different amounts of experience points, ranging from 5 to 20 in total. Though little, if combined with many other medals and badges, and the amount of XP earned from the match alone; one could end up with twice the many points he/she would get without the bonus.

The only condition would be that you'd have to be in the match till the very end, so people who leave early do not get this bonus - regardless of the reason.

I think this is a bit realistic, seeing as how a person's military service does have a little influence on how quickly they climb the ladder... or rather if they're climbing it at all. I think I have a good idea of it, seeing how in JROTC, those who dedicate themselves are the ones who're generally promoted to the higher positions.

Off Topic: Oh, and a victory circle by the US flag after each match would be such a nice addition... Maybe with some victory music too.
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  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    Experience points needed to level up grow exponentially the higher up you go. I agree it would be nice if there were more ways to gain points.
    I suggest that people who carry the flag, C4 or what ever but, are taken out before they can complete the mission, get “assist” points similar to points awarded for kill assists.
  • -Father--Father- Posts: 2Player
    XP for carrying C4... not a very good idea. When, how and where to carry the obj is not an easy decision. We would end up having a race for the C4/whatever at the beginning of the round, not necessarily won by the best person for the job :)
  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
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    -Father- wrote: »
    < snip > We would end up having a race for the C4/whatever at the beginning of the round, not necessarily won by the best person for the job :)

    Some groups I play with have this problem now. But, the person who gets the C4/Flag etc. doesn’t always make it all the way. Why shouldn’t they get some credit for getting it as far as they did?
    Or, how about the person who sneaks around not shooting at anything trying not to give away their position so they can complete the objective only to have the match end due to team mate’s eliminating the opposition. Shouldn't they get something for their effort?
    I’ve seen too many times when the C4/Flag what ever is left at spawn because no one wants to take it. Many players seem more interested in upping their KDR then completing map objectives.
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