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NyghtHawkNyghtHawk Posts: 7Player
Any info if there is any work being done to fix scoping in while prone? The game kicks you out of your scope all the time even on flat ground while scoping in and it has been super frustrating....especially if you try to snipe.

It is worse when moving while scoping in, but it does it even when staying still on many occasions and makes it super hard to aim against the opfor when you are fighting your own scope....


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,562Beta Tester
    edited February 2018
    It's supposed to come out of the aim when you move so you can't crawl around with your scope up. The problem on uneven terrain is it's difficult to keep the scope up due to the game thinking you're changing stance. Frankly, I think the sniper rifles are still OP, so anything that makes them hard to use is fair, IMO.

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  • NyghtHawkNyghtHawk Posts: 7Player
    I don’t mean crawling around. I mean just looking left and right while laying prdown me can kick you out. Worse if you’re on uneven terrain for sure.

    Does it with all guns, not just snipers. Happens on crossfire, for instance, just laying prone on flat ground.

    That’s a problem. Just saying....
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