-ARM- Is Looking for a few Good Men!

ARM.Rob_T_GrinARM.Rob_T_Grin Posts: 2Player
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Hello , This Is Rob_T_Grin with -ARM-Association Of Renegade Mercs . And we are looking to expand our gaming community and get back into AAPG. this being said we are looking for players that are Pc not ps4. and at least 16 and older. we use discord not teamspeak .. so if you are interested please feel free to stop by www.thearmgaming.com and sign up in the forums. our discord link is on the top right of our website page. after you sign up a admin will approve you and then we will talk and see if your a fit and if you do throw tags on and lets start to frag out and fight!!! hope to see from you soon.. Also our server is on FLO inner hospital ex . we do play all other maps but that is where it is parked .. thanks for the read and hope to see you soon.. thearmgaming.com
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