since last update the weapon tend not to shoot

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I press left mouse button on 1 to 1 fight i have a dominant position i switch to pistol to save ammo on the primary weapon. I switch back from pistol and it aint shooting.. . the game is so accurate with dying behind the cover i need the guide which server to play from uk and the one i was not banned (within uk). Thats the ping play in this game... The game ping cheats. Its not worth to play head vs head who win...not even chance there, so why to waste the time? better to watch ufc or a movie or another game. and your client side servers adds to it! the only play is in sit and wait favour and thats should be the other way around. I agree to the aimpunch but only if he connects to the body otherwise in the battlefield i would be untouched and many more so only coward ducks in for cover when the bullet dont connect the body.
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