TWL Season 4

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Hello guys it Cybershock from TWL=team warfare League
Its time to have some fun.

Season 4 leagues are handled in toornament ( who played cup knows this place ),

So what do you need to sign up ?

- Atleast 5 players in your team
- Team captains ( minimium 2 per team ) have to have account in toornament ( for handling results and matchcomms ), it is recomended that all players have account.
- All players have to have account in TWL site ( ) and profile linked in toornament.
Team captain signs all team in.

Now players have question "where I put my guids ? ", at this time nowhere, at later date we will ask you to add those in your TWL site profile.

Note that every team registers in same place. EU open and invite, SA open and NA open, admins will seed teams after signup closes to proper leagues.

League admis are:

Cybershock-E.Thomas[3rdID] - NA Open Division
rQm - EU Open Division
TBD- EU Invite Division
TBD -SA Open Division

Any questions Add me:

Screenshot of registration: Note that "Soldier Name" must be exactly same as name what you play with.


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