Is this game still alive?

Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
I poured a lot of hours into this game for a few months after the initial release. I got bored of pubbing with my buddies and not getting any satisfaction with a prestigious rank next to my name. I went back to rainbow six on PS4 which probably has the most toxic community of players I've ever seen. Not to mention, Rainbow is cluttered with a bunch of nonsense abilities and "perks." It just takes away from the simple satisfaction of a good 1v1 gunfight.

This is something AAPG does wonderfully. The gunfights in the game are simple....the better player wins. No BS. I miss it. Thinking of hopping back on. Have they're been any major changes in the last 4 months since I've left? I see private lobbies are a serious future addition which is great. Any talk about an in-game ranking system or the devs still against it?


  • OneEyeTheHardOneEyeTheHard Posts: 63Player
    The game is alive and well. I've never once had an issue finding a game to load into at any time of the day.

    Not sure when you stopped playing, but team killing has been very much contained. You still get bullet in the back chumps but the damage they can do to you is severely limited and they get kicked a lot faster. Now what I mostly see is little kids who are finished playing will shoot a teammate enough to get kicked, instead of just leaving the match. Lots of kids around.

    New map called Hydra. Devs also recently released their 2018 road map showing their plans for the year. That thread is on this board and has some good stuff.

    Jump back in!
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    I never really minded the team killing's just a part of online gaming but I can see why in a game such as AA it could really tick some people off lol. I stopped playing a few months ago. Maybe I'll jump on tonight. I definitely haven't played the new map, sounds pretty cool. I'll try to find that road map thread.
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    So I played two matches today. Servers were practically unplayable and I maintained a 130+ ping for the entirety of both matches. Hope that doesn't continue
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