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ProDiGy_QuiiKProDiGy_QuiiK Posts: 41Player
How come only few people get to view were they stand in the leaderboards for torso head and lower body shots globally? I can’t view it but my friend can. Please get back with me soon thanks.
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  • L.LovettL.Lovett Posts: 87Player
    hi ??what you headshot in the game. like conterstrike when you fire at head its stand headshot??sound great for me but its up to DEV hehehehe

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  • dacoster90dacoster90 Posts: 38Player
    I finally got my stats page fixed! I'm not sure where to find those leaderboards, tho.
  • DLD_MtBDLD_MtB Posts: 24Player
    Bruh, did you try clicking on "Career Stats" from the drop down menu on the right?
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