TWL Season 4 !

-sVs.rQm^-sVs.rQm^ Posts: 73Player
Hello, dear AAPG gamers, it is time to have fun.
Schedule: Prematch Sunday 4.2.2018 ( NA Monday 5th February 2018 ) after that one match per week until leagues are finished.

Season 4 leagues are handled in toornament ( who played cup knows this place ),

So what do you need to sign up ?

- Atleast 5 players in your team
- Team captains ( minimium 2 per team ) have to have account in toornament ( for handling results and matchcomms ), it is recomended that all players have account.
- All players have to have account in TWL site ( ) and profile linked in toornament.
Team captain signs all team in.

Now players have question "where I put my guids ? ", at this time nowhere, at later date we will ask you to add those in your TWL site profile.

Note that every team registers in same place. EU open and invite, SA open and NA open, admins will seed teams after signup closes to proper leagues.

League admis are:

Incha - EU Invite Division
rQm - EU Open Division
Ferrari - SA Open Division
Cybershock - NA Open Division
For more information about this seaons !! Visit our new website !!


  • zG|Cash^zG|Cash^ Posts: 2Player
    Can you see why my account is suspended?

    this is the error i get when i try to go on twl site.
    This Account has been suspended.
    Contact your hosting provider for more information.
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    Cash, it's not your account. Something is going on over at TWL behind the scenes.

    They recently rebranded to something like OGN. Prior to that, I noticed one of their web dev team members received the ban hammer. I'm wondering if he owned/had access to the domain or hosting package.

    Anywho. According to TWL Facebook, Season 4 is cancelled. Only 2 EU teams and 2 NA teams signed up.
  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    Anywho. According to TWL Facebook, Season 4 is cancelled. Only 2 EU teams and 2 NA teams signed up.
    Well with their website crashing - makes it kind of hard to register....
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    True that...even though the new website didn't change much. Toornament was still the go-to product. O.o
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