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razor_matt_razor_matt_ Posts: 9Player
Why is it when I have a group to go play there is alot of lag? Sometimes be in the middle of a game and lags the whole room out to the lobby. Do I still get my points I earned before getting lagged out or it doesn't count? When I go play individual the room seems fine. Doesn't matter who the host is last night 1-15-18 we had 4 different people try to host the game had no difference in lag


  • SHANE523SHANE523 Posts: 69Player
    From what I understand most of the matches are on dedicated servers so you are not hosting just because you are the lobby host.

    There are issues that have not been acknowledged by the devs. There are issues with rubber banding but it seems to be specific because we can leave, connect to a different server(host) and the rubber banding goes away. Rubber banding is typically packet loss which could be caused by a network device failing, other hardware failing, or a misconfig of a device.

    And of course last night the first room I go in to, solo and join half way in, there is more rubber banding. Leave, connect to another host and no issues. It is clearly a server/Data Center on their end but crickets!
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