Connection Error: Internet connection lost

zeven0412zeven0412 Posts: 2Player
Hi! I am on PlayStation 4. When I select "Play Online" and takes me to the Lobby the game music stops playing and it crashes back to the menu with "Connection Error: internet connection lost". It happened randomly while waiting for "Next match in 10 seconds". The game automatically kicks me out. I believe the servers are offline. My connection is very fast and I had zero issues with the game besides this now.


  • Ja-wilkJa-wilk Posts: 2Player
    Same thing is happening to me
  • Ja-wilkJa-wilk Posts: 2Player
    I dont team kill, or any of that childish stuff either, i have a lot of hours in the game and this is quite irritating.
  • SHANE523SHANE523 Posts: 69Player
    There is something wrong on their end since the last big patch. They refuse to acknowledge it or comment on it. My friends and I are slowly going away from this title due to this.

    Can't wait for Insurgency now. What a shame, this was the closest to SOCOM fun I have had in a while but lack of communication and accountability is killing it.
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