M-21 Sniper

L.LovettL.Lovett Posts: 35Player
hi :) we need M-21 Sniper in game silenc wep.can we have it in aapg??
M-21 Sniper in game america's army proving grounds PC
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    1. No
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  • nL^Z0naGaming_nL^Z0naGaming_ Posts: 632Player
    They talked about adding SCAR-H, so that might be the next sniper for the game.
  • L.LovettL.Lovett Posts: 35Player
    i mean this :awesome:

    SCAR-H are not Silenced wep

  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,252Beta Tester
    First of all, a suppressor can be added to almost any weapon. Secondly, the sniper weapons in AAPG are already OP due to ease of use.

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    i mean this :awesome:

    SCAR-H are not Silenced wep

  • -SD-Ragnar-SD-Ragnar Posts: 1Player
    Some guns with sillencer lose from accurancy.
  • H.E.A.T.H.E.A.T. Posts: 61Player
    are you sure becouse if they take recoilless then we are dead when they hear us shooting in the place.
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