Customizable Weapons And Difference Mode Like 50 Vs 50

Hi is there any plans for us to be able to customize weapons like in other games (escape from tarvok survarium) that would be a nice addition plus a battler royal mode a 50 vs 50 mode would be good for a difference experience i think 50 vs 50 would be nice.


  • No, battle royal is its own style of a game and will not fit in the AA community. Nor will 50v50 ever be part of it, the way the game is right now is as it should be, well maybe turn back more to AA2 days will help but other then that this is a unique game in all those new trends out there and it should stay like this. Enough games already do BR styles and high player count battles, this is a classic FPS style game which in my opinion always stays better then the newer generation shooters.
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    I like the BR idea. There are a few issues over it though in my opinion.

    1 Being will it run well because you would need a larger map.

    2 Our game engine. Would it run well with it.

    3 Private servers. Most private server have to pay $1 per slot each month unless they get a deal. So if you wanted to have a BY server you would pay $100 USD a month for the server and that is a lot, unless you can run a linux server and as long as your net is great. Or unless it is just not available to the public servers and only to the U.S. Official Servers.

    4 Players. This game does have a bunch of players but to support this type of game it could be both damaging to other clan servers or it could be good and more players would be interested in the game.

    5 The gameplay attitude. There is already a problem with getting on a server and someone complaining about a few players pings or w.e else, yet this is only on a 24 man server. I wonder how the attitude will change with 100 man server lol.

    I am sure there are a few other points and although I do not think this is a bad idea but I do not think that this fits AA:PG. Zona is correct that this is not like other games and it was never meant to be like other games. Have you noticed the guns we have. They all seem like the classic U.S. Military guns. Something you might want to look up is the history on this game. This game was the 1st of its kind.'s_Army
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