lowpinggameservers close down

If there is still anyone with a server at lowping and you have not had the email yet I would suggest you look for a new provider. Since they announced they are shutting down March 1st 2018 our server has been offline even though we are paid up until February 2nd and they will not refund money or answer tickets I have put in. We have had to take out another server at extra cost with another provider..

This emails comes with a sad part in my life, were it's time to close down lowpinggameservers.
The gaming industry over the last couple years has really deteriorated for the PC gamer. Most newer games lack mod building and even dedicated servers, and to be honest
I've found alot of clients refused to play these new java based games. This has caused our client base to drop to the point to where I'm pulling money out of my own pocket
to pay to keep the server boxes online. Currently our existing hardware is at around 20-30% capacity which does not cover the operating costs. I've already minimized
the cost as best as can be but I am still paying out of pocket to keep all the boxes online. Affective March 1st 2018 we will shut down all services related to lowpinggameservers.
Our exisitng client base has been here for quite a few years and I want to thank all of you for choosing us as your provider it has been fun. We do have some dedicated clients
I will contact separately to see if they are interested in buying the hardware, we also have some hardware that is available in case anybody wishes to purchase it. I am willing to help anybody out
that would need to install tcadmin and set up the server for you. Some of you that only have a single game server could keep your ip and location by purchasing the hardware or taking over any lease we have.
Anybody that is interested please open a support ticket and we can discuss the options.

Best Regards,


  • 30% capacity of their hardware? You'd think they'd use a cloud provider like AWS and scale up / scale down servers as needed.
  • L0rdDamianL0rdDamian Posts: 713Player
    Not really a surprise, game hosting is at its lowest right now with most games not releasing dedicated server files anymore. Game developers host their own servers or have a select view contracted hosts. The release of Discord as a free services also have its part in this. I congrats them surviving this long.
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,419Player
    Its just a shame they let their loyal customers down at the end.
  • }{Gorilla}{}{Gorilla}{ Posts: 670Administrator
    Does anyone have any suggestions on a server provider and why you would suggest them?
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,419Player
    Good customer support and free ddos protection..
  • .stryker.stryker Posts: 13Player
    Grab your own box and host your own. It's not that hard. Can use free software like OpenGamePanel rather than tcadmin to cut down your costs as well.
    Most of the games will install from their default packages. If you have a game request, put in their forums and in a day or two there will be a panel update and your game will be included. Or you can do it yourself and make the process quicker.
    Get a couple of clans together to cut down the cost of the box. Can find alot of machines out there for 40-60 a month that will host most clan games with no issues, specially if your a multi-game clan. Just choose your specs wisely.
    AWS terrible idea btw. IMO.
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