Bugs/Glitches (Reviving/Securing)

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I've encountered two bugs a few weeks/months back. Never got to share them because I couldn't sign in to the forums (it's all settled now ever since I decided to try it on my laptop).

1. The first one was not being able to revive your teammates. I know it was only temporary because the next round everything was working fine. But sadly, I do not remember if it was for the whole round or just that instance. I've only encountered this bug twice.

First one was on Crossfire at the Defend spawn at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the bomb room. Two of my teammates were in need of a revive there and I had just neutralized two enemies at the same spot (one of them got the sscure though). I ran up to the bodies (3 total with another one next to the pile) and I could neither revive nor secure. I do not know if reloading or any other square button function also didn't work because I died shortly after. I also do not remember if reviving/securing even worked during the whole round.

Second one was somewhere else on another map while I was spectating my teammate.

2. The second bug was a priority issue during Spectate mode where I was waiting to join the match. My teammate took down the VIP and was going for the secure, but there was another teammate down next to the body (not even that close) and the game chose to undergo a revive instead of a secure.

I have not encountered this bug for a long time now. I'm assuming it was fixed...?


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    1)Teammates slide down stairs or a hill, their body will be down the hill, but the Revive button has not slid down. Usually you have to revive higher than their body is, this happens constantly on Cabin Fever with all the small hills.
    2) priority issue is unchanged.
    While ingame you can open the a bug report page with F5 or one of the F keys. I am not sure which one.
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    My brother and I were playing last njght, I died and there was a guy about to secure me , instead of choking the guy out my brother revived me right beside the enemy lmao was actually really funny, good thing the round ended right there or we both would have died . Only time I noticed it so far.
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