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Hey guys, I've been playing AA with friends I use to play SOCOM with back in 2009 on the PS3.

I've gotten a few good months of experience on this game but have noticed that there hasn't been much fixed in terms of some of the serious issues that plague this game.

1. Squads constantly split up, not joining in together, members being stuck at lobby screen/game loading screen, etc.. I do understand that when there isn't enough players to fill both teams it will split your squad up to make it even, that's fair game but it happens quite often when both teams have more than enough players to get your squad on one side.

2. Is there any way you guys would consider a push to talk feature for the voice chat? Open mic seriously sucks for competitive games, I could imagine a game like Counterstrike would be crap with an open mic.

3. Bigger maps, even just 1.5x the size, seems pretty straight forward. Maps seem like they're incredibly small, 10 seconds to run from one spawn to another, grenades thrown directly into the enemy spawn, etc.

4. Weapon tuning, shotguns for example have a ridiculously long effective range, this coming from someone who uses shotguns A LOT because of how overpowered they are.

5. Teamkilling/griefing, as it stands right now people on your team can troll/grief you by throwing flashbangs at you, standing directly in front of your shots to get you kicked via team damage, etc.. my suggestion would be a majority vote feature, 5/8 votes and the guy gets kicked, problem solved. Something tells me the army wouldn't allow a dude to flashbang his own troops and stand infront of their fire purposely.

EDIT: Two more suggestions, one from me one from a squad member.

6. Bigger player count per map, maybe you guys could make new maps with a bigger play size for more players? My squad used to like 16v16 on SOCOM as it accomodated our large clan, that's not always popular or feasible in a game so even 10v10 or 12v12 would be cool.

7. An in-game map editor like Farcry has, seems like there's not many maps and they take awhile to release new ones, if we were able to create our own maps on the PS4, upload them to the game and host private lobbies it would be great, the community would police the maps, as the best ones will be played all the time and the bad ones won't be played at all, over time if a map is popular enough and meets official map quality, it could be added to the official map pool to be played on the official servers.

8. Aim assist needs to be permanently removed or temporarily removed until it can be fixed, as it stands you can aim and your gun will aim at people hiding behind solid walls you would otherwise not be able to see, the greatest example of this is on Hydra, the attacking team spawns below the concrete balcony with the boxes on it, if someone is on that balcony you don't even need to see them, just aim and your gun will show you exactly where they are behind the wall.


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